Dumog Sandbar

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A beautiful summer getaway with pristine stretch of white sand and crystal-clear waters located in Tubigon, Bohol near Bilangbilangan Island. It is said to be an extension of the island where Tito Obguia founded and developed the place.

Best time to visit is in the morning when it was low tide for you can see its sand that stretches for a hundred meters off sea. The tide usually goes up at noon, and this beautiful islet goes below a few inches of water which gives a different kind of fun as well.

It is a paradise waiting to be discovered way back 2010 (as seen on the pictures). Sad to say that people were stealing tons of sand from this islet leading to the point that some stretches of the sandbar disappear.


Hayaan Islet


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Hayaan Islet is located in Tubigon, Province of Bohol, Central Visayas, Philippines and is nearby to Buenos Aires, Inanoran, and Budlanan Island. The estimate terrain elevation above sea level is four meters. This is a private property and there is no entrance fee nor environmental fee because nobody’s taking care of this place nowadays.

I just visited this islet last February 20 (this year, 2016) and it was so different from the last time we stayed here (overnight) in the year 2007 if I’m not mistaken. Most of the cottages were damaged due to typhoons and some of the plants before doesn’t exist anymore. You can also see some changes in color on the Bermuda grass.

Cabgan Island


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Just off the coast of Tubigon town is Cagban Island, a quaint, 80-hectare landmass, its name coming from the Visayan word “kabog”, which means bat. Around the island’s coasts dot 24 kinds of mangroves, several of them so extensive that they form into sizeable forests that make the homes of several species of large bats called flying foxes!